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Founded in Toulouse by two experts in the field boasting more than twenty years experience in France and internationally, WISE RH is a recruitment agency that specialises in managerial roles in the fields of Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Manufacturing as well as executive management positions. We intervene within SMEs, Midcaps and subsidiary groups in France and abroad.



Wise: having the ability to make good judgments, based on what you have learned from your experience”

Wise = Shrewd : who acts appropriately and with reflection, Judicious : which emanates from good judgment.

Prudent: thoughtful and considered. We humbly consider that our experience allows us a degree of wisdom that enables us to offer you personalised, astute and relevant advice.

There’s no point reinventing the wheel

Concretely : What do we do?

Based in the South-West of France
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