Concretely : What do we do?

What exactly is recruitment consulting ?

It’s about identifying, approaching and convincing the most pertinent candidate available, whilst truly understanding the necessary requirements within the context of a company as well as within a particular labour market.

It’s about advising and this process comprises several stages. Each must be treated with rigour and professionalism. Curiosity, excellent listening skills, a capacity to analyse and synthesise, good sense and dedication are essential to optimise the result of each mission. It’s also about optimal usage of the technical tools that are specific to our trade.

Bringing about meetings, knowing how to analyse stakeholders’ positions, obtaining compromises, finally coming to a solution that takes all parameters into account… It’s all of these elements that makes our job so fascinating.


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It’s essential for us: we will come to you, we will spend time with the director/recruiter or member of the executive committee administrative and financial director, HR manager, etc. We would love to get the opportunity to visit your company to get a real sense of the environment and to understand all potential issues pertaining to the role. Rest assured, we also know how to go quickly if your schedule is constrained.


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It’s your turn ! And a little bit ours.
It’s all about listening, understanding the context and precise criteria laid out, and analysing the job environment. But know that we will help you to best qualify your needs , and to gain an overview from the very first meeting.

We will bring you a lot of information regarding the market of available candidates, on aspects of pay, on the different organisations that we know, etc… In short, our role as advisor begins and takes shape at this stage.


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We broadcast our ads if needed on the most powerful job boards and networks (LinkedIn, APEC, Cadre Emploi, Hellowork, …). We use the most high performance sourcing tools as well as our significant network of candidates, built up over the course of our careers.
We have a modern ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that allows us to share with you the unfolding of the process as it happens .


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A decisive exchange in recruitment :: an initial telephone interview that allows us to deepen our knowledge of the candidate and more especially to make them want to join your company..
We validate the job’s necessary factual criteria and then, if green-lit, we proceed to a more in-depth interview.

Selection process

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This is the heart of the matter. ! All starts with an understanding of your brief and as we have already emphasised, this does not come down to a job advertisement. Holding interviews with the qualified candidates allows us to evaluate their career, their aspirations and know-how, and to present them with your expectations. The idea being to offer you a choice of profiles that will be optimal to a successful integration within the company. Of course, we may occasionally put forward candidate profiles that do not fit 100% of the criteria, primarily because a 100% match doesn’t exist, but also because we believe in trusting our intuition.

Soft skills

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Here too we draw on our lengthy experience and good sense… but if necessary and if you wish, we can use the appropriate personality test ( s ).. We will systematically analyse relational intelligence, communication capacities, character and interpersonal aptitudes. These elements can then be validated whilst reference checking.

Short listing

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This is not a simple email but a fully backed-up and comprehensive list.
We will spend time with you to explain who the candidates are and why we think they will be up to the job. A “short-list” is short by definition: no need to submerge you with applicants when we know there are three candidates who really stand out.


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This is an important stage in the process. It’s about verifying the tangible elements of a candidate’s career but also collecting the opinions of ex-colleagues/managers to confirm or dispel a perception you may have had during the interview.


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The candidate will not tell you everything, and you will not tell the candidate everything, but we’re there to bring everyone together. We will present your employment offer to the candidate to secure their acceptance. If this stage is rushed it can ruin the best recruitment process. It is our responsibility to advise you if you are coming in with an inappropriate offer, or to protect you from too delicate a situation where everyone will lose out. Better to have a refusal than a bad placement.


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Our job does not end the day the candidate signs their contract, we will continue to call you and the candidate to check on the integration process and like with the negotiation phase, there will be adjustments, messages to pass on: we will act as the go-between if required.


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Sometimes the integration does not work out and the trial period comes to an end. This happens for various reasons. Our role is to understand, to readjust, and then get straight back to the search. In our business, the most loyal customers are those who have experienced this situation, and who have noticed that the consultant has done his best to find a replacement.