Based in the South-West of France but not exactly homebodies

Pierre Lacazedieu

Originally from Orthez in South-West France, I attended Reims Management School. (Neoma today)

I began my career in a IT consulting company in Paris but always dreamed of more distant horizons. I spent two years on the Ivory Coast with Air France, an experience that was a huge and very rich learning curve.

Back in France, I was employed by a recruitment agency for the opening of their Toulouse office, where I discovered and immediately fell in love with recruitment consultancy.

Over the course of the last 14 years, I have had the chance to evolve, develop, collaborate with passionate colleagues and to become director of the Montreal and Toulouse offices. Over the years, I have travelled around the South-West of France and Quebec, meeting companies from all sectors and of all sizes.

After a change of direction and an experience in the education sector, as director of development for Toulouse Business School, I realised that recruitment consultancy truly is the field where I feel most fulfilled: meeting with directors and candidates; listening, understanding and bringing people together in a way that changes lives and organisations.

I therefore decided to return to the field of recruitment consultancy, this time starting my own company.

I count on drawing on the many successful recruitment process that I have led or supervised over these last 20 years to bring the very best service to my clients.


Maxime Resano

Originally from the Landes area of France, from my youngest age I always wanted to travel the world, a desire that has impacted on both my educational and professional trajectories. I obtained my diploma at INSEEC in International Business which allowed me to undertake two international work experience placements (in China and England), as well as gaining a double diploma from ISM (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Thanks to this, I was rewarded with my first job in Amsterdam in an international headhunting agency. Responsible for the Swiss, German and Austrian markets, I quickly developed certain accounts outside of Europe (Dubai, Shanghai…)

In 2016, after spending more than 4 of the previous 6 years abroad, I decided to return to my native South-West France and join an international recruitment agency in Toulouse.

This latest experience validates my enthusiasm for the recruitment consultancy sector, an area I had already worked in for several years. Our regional approach also allows me to rediscover my native area and to participate in its economic growth.


Angèle Couderc

Born in the famous Transylvania area of Romania, I came to France very young. My double native culture forged an interest in foreign languages. In 2017 I began a B.A. in Applied Foreign Languages which I then followed up with a Masters at Toulouse Business School in International Strategy Development.

Languages inspired me want to discover the world, I’m sociable by nature and love learning to communicate as much as possible. After various professional experiences in catering and sales, I decided to turn to HR. I’ve always liked human contact in all its complexities. That’s why I wanted to learn the recruitment consultancy business and get to grips with its inner workings.

Joining WISE RH as part of a sandwich course for my apprenticeship is an opportunity for me to learn the job alongside experts, all whilst taking part in an entrepreneurial project. My experience in high-level skiing has given me both mental strength and determination which will be precious tools in my day-to-day work!


Aurelien Mille

Originally from Picardy in France, passionate about the aeronautic industry as well as being an ex-rugby player, I naturally settled in Toulouse.

After obtaining my diploma in mechanical engineering (Université de Technologie de Troyes), I spent 7 years working as an Aerospace Stress Engineer which helped me to develop a real expertise around technical positions.

Wanting to evolve and develop professionally, I returned to my studies in 2017 and obtained a master’s degree specialised in technological innovation from Toulouse Business School.

This enabled me to join an international recruitment agency and thereby to discover the role of recruitment consultant for technical jobs.

With 4 years of experience, I took the opportunity to join Wise RH in order to develop the industry branch.

I intend to draw on my technical knowledge as well as my professional experience to serve my clients and as on the rugby field, I am used to stopping at nothing to successfully complete a task.


Rim Dadoun

Originally from Morocco, I arrived in France in 2017.
After obtaining my “baccalauréat”, I joined a psychology degree at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, then a Bachelor in HR which I obtained in 2021. I decided to continue my studies with an HR master at ESG Toulouse.

My various experiences in psychology and sales encouraged me to begin my career in recruitment consultancy. Joining Wise RH is an opportunity that will allow me to discover the job of recruitment consultant alongside experts.

Through my practice of tennis since the age of 5, and the various competitions I participated in, I developed the ability to take up challenge and determination which will be assets in my daily work.


Blanche Juillard

Originally from Auvergne, I started my career in the temp management activity as a Recruitment Lead. A very interesting 3 years’ experience which allowed me to acquire good generalist HR bases. I moved to Toulouse in 2007 to join an international hunting company. I was in charge of recruitment missions for middle and top management profiles.

At the end of this 3-year experience, I wanted to develop my skills of HR activity. Thus, I had the opportunity to join one of the biggest consulting company as Head of Recruitment and HR Management.

I was able to take up the challenge with my teams of several hundred recruitments mainly for the aeronautics industry but also in media and new technologies sectors. Also, I was able to carry out many projects which made it possible to structure the Toulouse office. Finally, after very nice 10 years, which gave me robustness to consolidate my job, I wanted to take up a new challenge and integrate a leader in the world of MSP/RPO as Client Manager.

I was working on an MSP program for a pioneering aeronautics client where I was in charge of the three-way relationship between the client, my company and the temporary labor suppliers. Recruitment and its methods are no longer a taboo for me! Today, I want to continue to share my know-how with my teams but also to provide the highest quality service possible to our customers.