There’s no point reinventing the wheel

At base, the core of our business does not change : it’s about tracking down the most pertinent candidate profile based on a comprehensive understanding of a business’s needs and the particular labour market involved.

The tools, however, have evolved: digitalisation of business processes, artificial intelligence, pre-qualification chatbots, etc… We make use of these advanced technologies, developed by professionals, and have integrated them into our recruitment process.

We believe that recruitment is not an exact science. When a need arises in a company, there is no perfect person or rare gem that ticks every single box. That is why we offer you a choice – that we consider the most relevant possible – of candidates within your field.

We have successfully found and placed more than 300 candidates within France and internationally. This operational experience is a significant asset to our agency.

We are resilient and very aware that unforeseen pitfalls can cause complications. The key to success often lies in not giving up, in continuing searching further and more thoroughly until everything comes together.

We intervene with professionalism and sincerity, without taking ourselves too seriously.


Why entrust us with your candidate sourcing :


Our knowledge of the market, of the candidates, and our experience of previous sourcing allows us to help you hone in on your needs and get an overview of the situation, which begins in our very first meeting. It is possible that the ideas you have already formed of your ideal candidate’s characteristics may evolve during this discussion.


Your time is precious. Raking through CVs, conducting interviews and responding to all applicants quickly becomes extremely time-consuming. By entrusting us with your candidate sourcing needs, you free yourself to spend time only on the essentials: the brief, and meeting the selected candidates.


We put the best sourcing technologies at your service, which allow us to widen the breadth of the search. We will widely broadcast your offer of employment and directly approach many candidates within a much larger radius than that of your local labour market.


We meet a lot of directors within your field, we are abreast of the current economic situation and we know the trends in the executive employment market. We can discuss with you what is happening within similar firms, within your field and labour market.


WISE RH allows you to communicate with your employment branding. We broadcast your offer of employment on the best platforms and we are your ambassador on the market. The fact that you have entrusted your sourcing needs to a recruitment agency also sends a message to the prospective candidates that you are aiming to attract: you are giving yourself the means to find the best.


The recruitment is guaranteed in the trial period but we will also accompany you in the new employee’s integration process. This approach aims to enable the candidate to carve out their place in the firm but also and especially to ensure that the recruitment process is a success. Whoever the retained candidate is, we will remain by your side for the time it takes to guarantee a successful integration process.